Providing dignity, joy and empowerment to refugee women & children

Welcome to WWBT Hellas - A space of dignity, peace, love, harmony and coexistence.

  • In-formal education

  • Mental and physical health programs

  • Job orientation programs

  • Carrier training

  • Hygiene workshops

  • Human rights education

  • Legal support

  • Creative programs for women and children

  • Basic needs distribution

  • Facilities for washing clothes

  • Facilities for clean & safe showering

  • Lounge area for refreshments

  • Play area for children

  • Support, coexistence , humanity, community, peace and dignity

Our center provides a home away from home

WWBT Wellness Center Offerings

2,120 van trips

27,000 meals served

6616 washing cycles

10,0046 women visitors

5,380 children visitors

28 Career counseling

Our Impact from January this year till now

5,147 Participated in lessons

2,427 new members

174 distributions

3,125 Self Care & Beauty

747 Babies fed

648 sewing alterations

13 International Volunteers

2,625 showers

32 Community Volunteers

Educational Programs

Computer classes

At WWBT Hellas we believe knowledge and communication is fundamental for the future of our women and children community. English, German and Greek language are taught to assist with life skills & job orientation for their future.

Human Rights session
Greek Language
Job Orientation
Children Learning
German classes


Innovation programs

Creativity is the best way for the women and children to express themselves.

We provide many skill building learning programs such as candle, soap making for the women's future. Read more

International Volunteeers sharing their experience at the WWBT center

International volunteers are proudly showcasing the center's achievements and impact. From educational initiatives to healthcare support, the volunteers share compelling stories of transformation and empowerment. .The volunteers' enthusiasm and genuine care are inspiring, creating a ripple effect that extends far beyond the walls of the center. .

A true inspiration & an invaluable member of our family

Meet Kifah : One of our longest visitors. Kifah and her children have been coming to our center for over 2 years. She has been a invaluable member to our community and a tru inspiration. She has devloped her language skills, created community, and rasied her children in safety with our WWBT family.


Your help is instrumental in providing children and women access to the education they deserve

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