Activities for all women & children

Sewing Clothing

Our facilities provide the women to make alterations and create what they need for themselves and their children.

Make up & Henna

Women feel bettter and themselves with make-up and henna designs. This also improves their well-being.

Exercise Activities

Work-out, yoga, salsa, and self-defense classes are being offered at the center. Whether you want to improve your fitness level, enhance your flexibility, learn some new dance moves, or acquire self-defense skills, these classes provide a diverse range of options. Work-out sessions focus on strength training and cardiovascular exercises, aimed at improving overall fitness. Yoga classes promote relaxation, mindfulness, and flexibility through various poses and breathing techniques. Salsa lessons offer an opportunity to embrace the rhythm and energy of Latin dance, while self-defense classes teach valuable techniques to protect oneself in potentially dangerous situations. With experienced instructors and a welcoming environment, the center is the perfect place to explore different activities and enhance your physical well-being.

Outside sports

To feel refreshed and clean is a basic need for all especially for women.